is there any actor more superhero-related than chris evans? i mean he’s captain america, he was robin, he was the human torch, and he was in scott pilgrim with brandon routh who was superman. WHAT IS CHRIS EVANS HIDING??

sleep late.: The Orbiter


After several attempts, Kramer finally manages to construct a rocket capable of achieving low orbit around the Earth. Too afraid to try it alone, he drugs Jerry and straps him into the second seat. Jerry wakes up hours later, as Kramer jettisons the burned-out first-stage rockets.

shrunk gets it :(

  • Ben Schwartz: Have you ever eaten Lucky Charms?
  • Werner Herzog: Several times.
  • Scott Aukerman: Great question, Ben, by the way.

i mean i know everyone loves bobs burgers on here but isn’t it practically a miracle that such a totally bizarre loren bouchard cartoon has been allowed to survive and flourish in the fox animation block

i think i’ve reached a point where i only enjoy songs i can beatbox along with

oh my goddddd

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Checking the tweets!

literally me every time i’m on a computer